Christina Michelle, a self-taught artist born in the scenic landscapes of New Hampshire, draws inspiration from nature’s beauty to bring her art to life. Using the raw and earthy qualities of oil paint and charcoal, her pieces capture the energy found in the landscapes and animals she's connected with during her travels. Nature and spirituality play a big role in her work, aiming to share the beauty of everything in powerful pieces that offer a fresh way of looking at life.


Christina’s art journey has been showcased in exhibitions, galleries, and homes across the country. Her emotive style seeks to inspire and transform, sparking a sense of empowerment and wonder. Beyond her art, Christina Michelle is a passionate advocate for the positive impact of art on the world. She collaborates with charities, using her platform to raise awareness and funds for animal rights and environmental protection. Follow @christinamichelleart to experience captivating artworks and join a community celebrating the profound influence of art in making a difference.